Birth Stories

Second set of twins.  Here we go.  My last birth story.  I was working as a doula once twins Birdie and Hazel were about 6 months old.  I was around pregnant women and birth constantly.  I thought I was done with babies after I had my twin girls.  I adored them but they were hard work.  My husband was definitely finished with having more kids.  I then caught the baby having bug bad.  I asked Dan for just one more baby.  I romanticized about the idea of 1 baby. Dan was convinced we would have twins again.  I said “Lighting doesn’t strike twice.” Boy was I wrong!  After my twin girls anything seemed easy to me.  He wouldn’t budge and I would periodically ask him hoping he’d change his mind.  He didn’t but the universe was on my side.  We used the rhythm method because I don’t do well with hormone based birth control.  Obviously it didn’t prove very effective in this instance.  I remember my excitement and feelings of guilt when I got a positive pregnancy test.  I knew Dan wasn’t going to have the same level of excitement that I had.  For his birthday I gave him the positive pregnancy test wrapped in a box.  He was shocked and didn’t really talk about it for a week or two.  I guess he needed time to let the news sink in.  I was set on a homebirth this time around and decided to once again get checked by my OB before finding a homebirth midwife.  I started to google twins twice.  What where my chances? 1 in 3000 apparently.  I lurked in a few expecting multiples forums online.  I guess I had this sixth sense that it might be twins again.  Dan already was 100% convinced that we were having twins again.  He came with me to the appointment.  As soon as my OB started the ultrasound Dan knew what he was looking at.  TWINS!!!!  We laughed, we cried, and then we were silent.  What the hell were we going to do?  How would we break the news to my step-daughter Bella?  I knew she loved her sisters but wasn’t thrilled with the whole baby thing.  Especially twins again.  This was the biggest shock of my entire life.  It’s hard to even describe the feeling.  Everyone got used to the idea eventually. Most people didn’t believe me at first.  I remember being nervous right before my 18 week anatomy scan thinking that something was wrong with the babies. I over google things like vanishing twin syndrome and it made my anxiety go through the roof.  While riding the train to the hospital a set of teenage twin boys sat across from me with the exact same voice.  I had this intense sense of relief wash over me.  I knew at that moment even before the ultrasound that my babies were going to be okay and that they were boys.  I was right and Dan was thrilled.  He was finally going to have a son after 4 daughters. 2 of them!  I decided to seek dual care for the duration of the pregnancy. I felt like I was cheating on my OB because I never told her my plan of a homebirth.  My midwife was only willing to deliver my twins at home if they were born after 36 weeks.  I agreed that this was a good goal to reach in order to proceed with a safe delivery. She was also thrilled that they were di/di (dizygotic (“fraternal”) because they develop from two separate eggs that are fertilized by two separate sperm), which decreases the risks associated with a twin delivery.  I reached the 36 week goal and then some.  I carried my boys to 39 weeks and 3 days.  I was walking around dilated to 5cm for weeks!  My OB offered many times to break my water and get the show on the road.  I was tempted.  But I dreaded delivering in the hospital if it wasn’t medically necessary. I cried everyday for the last few weeks.  It was hard carrying those boys so long but worth it.  I went into labor around 7am on July 2nd.  I woke up and started contracting right away.  My mother, aunt, and sister all had spent the night.  My sister was actually in town to visit the new babies that I hadn’t given birth to yet because no one thought I would carry them to almost  40 weeks!  It worked out perfectly that they were all there.   They made the kids some breakfast and brought them to the park while Dan called the midwife.  My contractions were hard and fast.  I knew that this was going to be a quick labor.  I hopped in the shower and let the hot water hit my back.  The contractions came with lots of pressure.  This labor felt different from my two previous labors.  I felt in control and relaxed.  I could manage the contractions and I wasn’t running from the pain.  I was embracing them and actually enjoying it.  I got out of the tub rather quickly and it seemed like my midwife just magically appeared.  I labored in my room for a bit and my midwife checked me.  I was fully dilated.  She asked me to stand because my bag of water was bulging.  I stood up and with the next contraction my water broke.  It was a huge relief.  I decided to lay on the bed to rest between the contractions.  I felt like trying to push a little.  I was laughing and joking in between contractions.  I pushed Luke out at 10:05am.  Just 3 short hours after labor began.  I remember pushing him out and thinking what a huge relief it was.  I quickly remembered that I had to push another baby out.  My contractions slowed down a bit and it took a little longer to get my boy Rocco out.  He was born in the caul 46 minutes later at 10:51am.  I remember saying how easy the birth was right after giving birth.  I really enjoyed my birth.  I was so happy that I was able to give birth to my sons at home and that they were huge and healthy.  Luke was 8 pounds and Rocco was 7.9 oz.  They nursed like champs.  Soon after I gave birth my girls came back from the park and climbed into bed with me to meet their new brothers.  It was so sweet it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  I had the perfect birth.  I deserved at least one orgasmic birth right? Hah.  I am so grateful to my amazing midwife who agreed to stand by my side. I really did not have many people supporting my decision to have a homebirth with twins.  She will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am so glad I was able to experience the beauty of a calm and peaceful birth.